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Little Boy KKD

Little Boy

My precious little boy
There is nothing you cant do
Dont let difficulties hinder
Remember we all have them too

Youre beautiful and bright
In a world so dark
Your precious little soul
Does shine a brilliant spark

Few have the love
That radiates from your eyes
Remember it is there
That a persons truth lies

Always remember
On lifes road that we trod
We all have things to trip us up
But trust your parents and God

You can always depend
Neither will lead you astray
They will help you back up
And guide you along your way

So yes your road may be tougher
Than most have to go
Just focus upon what lies ahead
You have such amazing seeds to sow

Cast your wishes upon the wind
And reach for that shining star
Just keep faith in you
You are perfect just the way you are

Dedicated to my Great Grandson
And to all children with Autism

ღ KKD ღ

Original By
Donna DeLong Matthews
The Gold Pen Ghost
All Rights Reserved
January 2019
Just another Reflection of My ღ

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ღ God asked me how long I planned on keeping you in my life.
I smiled and said...
How do I choose between always and forever...
But then I have found that's really not up to me... ღ

Kenny Rogers
Beautiful - All That You Could Be

By ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ

© 2019 ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ (All rights reserved)


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