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At The Circus

up on the big top step
the pass;
choose that sweet meloday
listen to the noise
finest, exquisite & concept
cottom candy
share with others
twister that sorry that I missed her
aclaim to bargain a few
sweet nectar so sorry that I missed her

lavish crisp blue eyes
come at a newer surprise
look to the visible
a lawyer fell from the sky
pop corn & candy
everything is quite dandy
get ready to rumble
slip and slide
not anything to hide

game in the meal
on a spot vent taste of veal
on a hay day
spark your time alone
it's a big enough story
dishing out soup cause the common man was hungry
cheli bent to you
teach the willingness
throughout the wilderness
luckily in a beem
social be wanna see
chock after a wilful dream
trapped from the body

love & spoonful to the end
given life in a positive clean
closset kingdom
with words that crumble
far from belief chorus
to pledge to more request
day after day with more respect
I'm a big kid now
cherish a red old rose
that was picked a time before

By Mario William Vitale

© 2019 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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