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A Baby's Prayer

Keep me dry and keep me warm and oh how much
I need you, Mom! Keep me clean and keep me
Fed and oh is that you Dad?

Listen to my cries, rock me and sing me lullabies.
Give me kisses when I smile, but when I'm
Hurt or blue add gentle hugs, too.

Listen when I coo, cause I'm saying ''I love
You'' and when I smile, it's to make it
All worth while.

There is so much to explore, so keep me
Safe and secure and be patient with
My busy hands, talk with gentle
Words I'll understand.

Talk to me a lot so I'll be smart and
Keep me close to your heart.

Sounds like so much to do, but I
Won't be little for very long
And before you know it,
Lullabies will be

Name: Mercedes Wheeler

D O B: July 1, 1996

copyright September 1997
Ann Sullivan

Written for my Granddaughter.
Picture: Mercedes. This baby,
(The love of my life)
is now twenty-two.

By Ann Sullivan

© 2019 Ann Sullivan (All rights reserved)


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