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Blind Me
blind me in ports to see building on my legacy as exist each port to see
we are all high you see sleeping on the Boergeos Sea heading into an odyssy
he beat far to slow stand still to repeat, an see the likes of Jimmy Page leaning to age;
stregnthened by merchant climatic claim that alwas seems the same
store are nails within a drawer always stays the same but I can't complain
take off your shoes going to sing the blues down a miracle passage you may be after
yesterday may be a voodoo child trust as the brainwork guide to a present wild

Keith Green never crumbled within paper ride from outside a glide
some stayed glued to the t.v. while he buiding forth hit me to my knees
we can see a miracle floating inside of me,

in each of us swayed the sane tide serpeant to a guide to guide from
all the reporters chime in onto second base season
fill me up from above to the method nor message of love inside me hide from the sorts
you can lean from our methods the unique surface embark on

there is a window one could see looking out to reach mass history
you have to be real searching forth the wheels to steal;
stretch forth the common thread

stay in tuned tiny brother
not just any wanna be lover
take a pictue from each other page was turned to disgover

By Mario William Vitale

© 2019 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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