Mirror shattered
With pieces scattered
But does it really matter?
No one knew
Of the glue
Needed to make her new.
Broken words
Left unspoken
A mere token
Of times that were.
She tries to gather
What has scattered,
Pieces shattered.
She then understands....
These are the pieces
Of her perfect imperfections,
Her correct mistakes,
Her impossible possibilities.
So would the gathering matter?
No it wouldn’t really matter!
She will never be any different really.
She will always be who she was
Back when her imperfections were not noticed.
Back when her correct mistakes and impossibilities simply were.
Back when she never thought of glue, never realized change, never bothered with perfection....
Back when....
Back when she was like the moon, a crescent and full, like a clouded sky, a discolored rainbow... she will always simply be these scattered pieces of a shattered mirror.
She will just simply be!

Written for the All Stars challenge
Host: Debera
Phrase/ perfect imperfections

By Myrna D.

© 2019 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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