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Rainy Days And Memories
Rainy days catch me off guard.
I love to watch soft droplets cascade.
Memory often visits then, and I know,
That's why rainy days were made.

The splashing of those crystal drops,
The pitter-patter sound they make,
Side by side, memory and I are skipping,
Down that dusty lane for old time sake.

The scent of wildflowers, in fields of clover,
Bring back those sunny summer days.
Ripened bittersweet and goldenrod
Made for the brightest Autumn displays.

The rain continues in an even staccato,
Just like a remembered lullaby.
I close my eyes to dream awhile.
Of lollypops and rainbows a way up high...

Time is traveling on a galloping steed.
I've tried to pull up on the reins.
It's so wonderful that memory and I
Can still travel down those country lanes...

Word painting for Jacie

By Mariannajo

© 2019 Mariannajo (All rights reserved)


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