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Brother Mine
As I think of you....
I wonder what kind of poem
Robert Frost would write,
That could take you away from where you are
And bring you home tonight.

Would he understand how paramount it is
To write about nature; like flowers, trees, animals and such,
Since you say he is one of the only poets you’ve read
That pleasures you so much?

Would he know how to truly thank you
From verse to verse and rhyme to rhyme,
For going back to help protect your country’s freedom
By becoming a “sand flea” in Afghanistan one more time?

Would his words be able to spell you
From the scorching heat and stress for a while,
By painting a sunset of many colors across the desert sky
That brings peace to your heart and is bound to make you smile?

I think he would if he knew you needed it
And if he were here on earth living with us still,
But since he’s not…I’ll just tell you that I love you
And promise you…that I always will.

For the Word Painting Challenge


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