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Our Dog Blackie.
How many miles did he travel, when young and able. How many times was his return

questioned, his will to come along challenged? How many times did he follow the 3 young

brothers, he looked out for them and at times he seemed to fight for them.

He was the most popular pet for years in the neighborhood, people at times seemed to

feel his pain when he was hurting; in getting to know him strangers were moved by his gentle


People and animals do have one very big thing in common, they get old and that brings

about changes, time came to say good-bye. The only thing racial about his name is, we spell

it in capital letters BLACKIE, we morn your departure and dream your return.

Our Dog Blackie.

Written Oct 12.1974.

PS-My Dad brought him home from his job when I was in the 3rd grade, he was put to sleep

in 1974 when I came home from the Air Force, he was a black Lab, the most people friendly

breed of Canine there is.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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