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I Love You With All My Heart!

The Poet whips himself up into a trance like state of love and his readers also experience the same sensations, same trance like state of love as the Poet.
But it is his Lady who makes this trance so special, not her great beauty so much, not her highly intelligent mind so much as her love which has qualities rare on earth.
Is not love, love of high quality, the most wonderful feeling in the world?
The Poet when read, in an instant causes the reader to have a significant emotional event and see and feel the greatest heights of love.
The great number of techniques he uses, gathered from the most famous love poets of all time, in themselves show the Poet's love, show his willingness to go to great lengths to impress her.
There is also self preservation here for might not a Lady of such beauty, such intelligence, such special love be much sought after?

Let's see some of the techniques the Poet uses to impart such beautiful feelings of love.


We have more secrets than those who take life
Which come from the fact I'm man, you're woman
And you wish for wishes without the strife
That brothers and sisters avoid in the main.
I've played by plain rules until meeting you
And loving you, wanting you, I'm willing
Even thriving on secrets daily anew.
We play the game that men and women bring
To bedrooms where secrets are denied held
For love we've learned has none, all claim's the truth -
Our secrets are harmless but shock the world
Since secrets told should be kept from the youth.
My biggest secret is I've no secrets
Which upsets like the Easter Bunny upsets.

The Poet has secrets with his love, secrets that grow daily which add to their excitement and it will never go away, never ever, because new secrets are added.
Terrorists have secrets so their plans are not discovered but the lovers too have secrets for different reasons - one that is hinted at is that so a certain independence can be kept (the lack of in the past has destroyed unions).
Humour witnessed in the last two lines is a must for a lively romance. John Dunn one of the greatest of all the love Poets was a Monarch of Wit. The Poet tells a lie that he has no secrets which upsets no one just as the lie of the Easter Bunny upsets no one.


Make me the Poet who writes songs for your heart
And drum your pretty fingers on my chest
To show words sweet time as they dance their art,
With steps feet bare pass best men's wanting test.
When sung aloud under the moon and stars
To praise your name as Princess of Earth's gifts
Loved day and all night which only hate bars
The air at your name called, all sorrow sifts
With breezes that blow warming lovers' paths.
This is the plea of the poet who loves you
Whom distance has lessened dancing by halves,
The walking of your pretty fingers too
But not love that's much treasured night and day
Though words sweetly written miss drumming play.

Many poets don't favour rhyming because it restricts them in what they wish to say.
Notice the first line is made up of single syllabled words which makes perfect meter like the drumming of fingers on the Poet's chest. What seems restrictive is used beautifully to effect and mono-syllabled words used by Shakespeare is not a sign of poor word usage - so too can rhyme be used to enhance the sonnet.
The repetition of letters 23 in fact does not restrict the meaning of the last line either so the skilled Poet can craft a master poem where many modern poets shun the benefits of such technigues to their loss.


Between the trees of flowering gums I walked
While Love and my sighs sweetly intertalked:
Tell me said I too long from my love's smile
When can I hold her for more than awhile?
You fool said Love, with poetry's pure bliss
Show her that in everything sweet she is.
With words match beauty of her breasts and thighs
Then praise her lips and cheeks which light your eyes -
In that smooth river caught moonlight at night
Will dance her dance, will summon hold her tight.
But we already love, fantasize too,
Has Love not the power to make dreams come true?
You fool said Love, with poetry's power write -
With thousands of ladies for you she'll fight!

The Poet talks to Love as though Love is a person which allows the Poet to bring things out about love more difficult to do so just talking to his Lady. The Poet can be chastised and a brag that thousands of ladies will fight for him is not a brag coming from Love.


The longer we grow without short'ning lust
By methods laid down done since Adam's first
There's fear death may claim life I've held in trust
And dreams of such fill hours long with milk thirst
Where other handling too brings too much on
That death hoods and halts happy news for me.
With boldness of life rise full of mission,
Poetry flows more than ever before, free -
That, that did kill me central to all themes
And fame came from death where men wished they too
Died with you from long-growing-without dreams
Where methods laid down done since but a few,
Came all at once which drought made unprepared
And over joyful they could not be spared.

Again there is humour in telling of what is private but that which is essential for complete union, with hghest satisfaction and growth of love (telling without crudity).


How often does Love speak and no one hears?
With faith She has our hearts yet hate prompts more -
Her voice in words and song to calm our fears,
In rumours of peace where plenty's instore
While faith is praised too much and hate loves faith.
If unseen Love's about why bother seek?
Why bother find when faith claims Love's no waif
For one kiss feeds Her for forever? - weak.
Therefore my love I'll have faith only once
That goodness and Love surround you - abound
And as though no faith, act with lion like pounce
Speaking words, singing songs, joining Love found.
Love once, faith always? No! Love's my first choice
And though faith's nice oh Love I hear your voice!

The Poet attacks Faith (humorously) to emphasize the value of his love.
Where have you seen such boldness and disregard for things valued before to bolster up the power, the importance and beauty of love?


Some more than others want since more they have
Where others want less having less than they
And having you where few have more is grave
Since wants of mine seem larger each day
Where all I need's a sweet kiss this moment
From you my love whom the whole world wants too.
To kiss one's wife's not a big want - take meant
That those such kisses I want - small from you.
If you were to hold back while in my arms
My want would soar and I would want you more.
Would love grow from play that looks like it harms?
Then tease me till I can love and adore
No more, until love slides and wants increase -
Hold not back kisses wanting inner peace.

In the first line there are 23 repeated letters - one more than Shakespeare's average in his sonnets which adds to the beauty of the sound. Just the counting of them and crafting of the line to increase them brings an impressive reaction - like out running one of the fastest men on earth.


If we kissed in the park then there love thrives -
To take two steps back love's still in the park
Though to call and wave from opposite sides
Each past the gates our park lacks love, cold and stark?
You in your city, I in mine, we're loving -
Does love travel straight lines or the earth curve? -
Or our love's myth, moves nowhere, is nothing?
How can nothing change our lives, give man nerve
To fly ten thousand miles, woman sweet smiles?
My love's enhanced due to your great beauty
Yet your love's mystery to me, the're few files
On why love's given in large grand degree.
Your love has substance, has parts that vibrate -
Fills the park after dark, makes my love straight.

The Poet goes into a discussion of love and its nature as though giving a Philosophy lecture and comes up with arguments for the assertion that his Lady's love has substance (double meaning) and makes his love straight (double meaning). Such humour endears him to his love.


Love lives long beyond the blossom of youth
Where we fear failing strength and appetite
And dabble if we wish in things uncouth
For knowledge allows wide choice, wrong and right.
In youth wrong was wrong and right called strongly
Or wrong called strongly and now we're righteous.
Where love's best beyond we've not gone wrongly.
We love the happy who in love like us
Fear not failed appetite that multiplies.
Should we keep our secret from the young ones?
They would not believe beyond lie our lies.
Love lives long beyond youth's blossom most stuns
Where we're led to believe less thrust's wet weak
And now know in pleasure our minds do peak.

The Poet argues that one shouldn't fear the passing of time for pleasure peaks in one's mind as years go by. The youth cannot believe it but the Poet and his Lady know it to be so! The praising of time passing in love poetry is a rarity but the Poet deep in love is fearless in such a departure.


In heaven thinking thoughts without earth's touch
Proves that the spirit has something - exists
Yet sceptics question heaven where I'm much
Loving you and say unseens on earth are myths.
When my eyes see your curves hidden, earth here
Then sceptics would wish hands show eyes tell truth.
I say as I touch, movement proves you're there
But eyes must see what hands feel, adding proof.
So my love there's not lust when you're once touched
Even twice for shouldn't hands confirm beauty
By sliding over curves - earth sighs shouldn't be hushed?
Thinly cover what shouldn't be touched, tightly
And proof we'll give well and truly to all
With poetry, not for nothing did I fall.

The use of negatives in love poetry of high emotion has amazing effect. A good example is from a sonnet above which more or less says 'Make love to me until I am nor more'. The negatives bolster the positives - the more used the higher we raise the trance like state of love. The Poet counts 16 in 14 lines - that's an awful lot of bolstering - that's an awfully high state of love.


No need for man whom rules favour to feel
He should deny rights since women aren't men
Thinking strength not brains has force wielding will,
Man saying he can't help being strong when
Woman out thinks him, rules protect his sleep.
The rules aren't fair, the rules are corrupted
By He who made us says man thinking deep
And woman obeyed back grabbed hair to bed.
No need for man whom rules favour, give in
For men who love justly fair best, loved most.
The way of the world, woman ruled, hate thin,
Strength controlled by strength, controlled by Love's host
Provides for men freely, given Love rules,
Thoughtful, fair, less lies - rejected by fools.

The Poet humorously attacks established thinking of men of their rights as compared with women spoken in bars and pulpits and written in good books. Does the Poet believe any of it or does he say it to win favours in bed? Believe more in his honesty and his humour than any clever manipulation of a woman.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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