Assie land
(a little heat relief for Aussie Land)

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We stayed up 'til nine in the summer break...

...playing hide n seek...
secret places were abundant yet
we were not lost on safe streets back home
the game time came after the Good Humour Man
dished out orange juice bars and drumsticks.

.. all the parents chose a veranda to meet and chat away...

such a good time... those were hot days that carried into nights
without an AC but plenty of cold cloths to dampen hot foreheads

tomorrow we'd sit on top of the sprinkler

OR run under them and watch the day pass,

we'd drink from the hose, maybe sell lemonade and with profits
visit the four for a penny at the corner five and dime store...

never in a hurry....

so when i hear folks exclaim
'i can't believe summer's close to another end'

and the heat is wearing 'em down...

I say, 'find yourself a sprinkler and remember

popsicles donít taste near as good on

cold winter days

Music Courtesy;
'It's Your Day'

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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