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Down in Cajun Country
Down where the alligators and
crocodiles grow. It is really hot
and humid as the day goes. The
mosquitoes are as big as horse
flies. The shrimp and the craw
fish are plentiful to, it seems they
are sitting there waiting for you.

All the friends in the neighborhood
gather around and find some
wood. Build a fire up real good.
The Cajun ladies cook the food.
Crawfish and shrimp and gumbo
too, Nothing like it if you like
that food.

After the feast they play some
tunes and dance around and watch
the moon such good fun and shows
you to, just what good friends can
do for you.

A whisper of words will tell you
for sure you may need these people
for help some way, and I feel for
sure they would be there for you
any day. Continuing the __
help of your take.

February 9 2019


Phrase: Continuing the____ help of your____take

Author Clara Case ( Deen)
By deeny107
2018 deeny107 (All rights reserved)

By deeny107

© 2019 deeny107 (All rights reserved)


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