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Sweet Little Girl
Sweet Little Girl of Just sixteen
You were the apple of my eyes
years ago then the boys
Come strolling in looking for dates

and relationships there was a certain
Kid I took a liking too his name was Ryan
you seem too like him too
You were the apple in his eyes
For I seen that much in you

I could not think of a nicer guy
to give my daughter too
So One day when I was not looking
He came calling on you.
I left him catch you for I was not distort

and I left you go with him until eternity
and It did not break my heart
Because I known it was love at first shot
I known he loved you a lot
and he got to your right spot

I just known what you got was good
So I left my feeling behind
and watched you walk away so kind
With Ryan by your side to be your ever loving guide

I know it's true love I seen both of you
Together as a couple and apart
there shall be no broken hearts.
Not in this life time not a chance I take one glance.

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By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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