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A silence on the night.
The day fluttered quietly in whisper soft resonance,
So many colours slowly dying
Like confetti in the rain,
And echoes touched each other, a reunion of themselves,
As though they were astounded
At their resonating pain,
Through twilight skies, taut grey tumbled insignificance
As blotting paper clouds absorbed
The dying daylight’s azure stains,
And yet between the pages of the hours, changeless silence reigned.

They walked without talking in cloistered unison,
Just conversations of the eyes
That never needed to explain,
And fingers touched each other, a completion of themselves,
As their feelings were surrounded
By the twilight’s weary stain,
On shade streaked beaches, they watched softly for a time,
Immersed within the beauty of their love
Encased in ageless confirmation,
And from between the pages of the ocean came a drifting smile.

Their shadows slowly lengthened into reaching grey and gold
As sun silence scattered downwards
To where the day and evening weds,
Slowly lost between the wandering dusk of their contentment
Until the final glow remained
Two dying haloes round their heads,
Still they wandered through their reveries, adrift within themselves
As the communion wine of heaven
Bathed them both in wondrous hues,
And they blended ever gracefully into the poignancy of their first goodnight…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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