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A sacred germination.

The room shivered in ecstasy as its music delved into my sou
And I could see visions within visions, like Salomeís seven veils
Drifting away one by one into their ancient tangled mists,
Just like convoluted angelís wings that swished whispers
Of woven purple silk around each column of a sun bronzed dawn,
And somewhere someone cried pearl tears that dropped to the soil
Then rose like a sacred germination into ghostly swaying orchids,
As the sky drifted in purple peace, towards the place called home.

A mirror without a reflection is like a picture without any frame,
Just a portal of perception thatís forgotten how to silently fade
Into shades of insignificance that hold an infinite sense of patience,
While the moon danced in whirlygig patterns upon the harbourís waters
As neon lights faded one by one, until at last only street lights remained
To illuminate lost and lonely faces hurrying on their clip-clop ways
And down on the beach there remained so many liquid memories,
While the lapping of the sea made splish-splash noises, like coins
Dropping into a wishing well, as the orchids
Once more closed against the nightÖ

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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