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Beautiful Lady, Named Mary
Beautiful Lady, Named Mary
If only I could meet The Lords, mother
I know she is very kind
As Jesus went to His cross
His mother Mary was not far behind

Beautiful Lady, name Mary
I feel your present's up in the sky
You asked the people of the world
To say the rosary
For peace to come in our lives

I ask Your blessed son
To keep me close as can be
You are my family in Heaven
You are my hope, to me

Beautiful Lady, named Mary
You son put my sins on the cross He bared
I will pray the rosary
So all the people can share

I wish I had known you
Through the good times and the bad
If only I could have been your friend
I know you forever will care
Do you hear me when I whisper
When I am afraid and all alone

Can I kiss you on your cheek
And run to you in my need
Can you forgive me of my sins
Can you see me when I grieve

Stay with me beautiful lady
Mary is your name
Miracles can happen
Jesus can do wonders
If you will be His child
When you do The Lord's work
Eternity will come in a little while

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


© 2019 LINDA ANN1123 (All rights reserved)


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