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His Alone to Know
I can’t be sure how it happened
For I had no hand in making him appear,
But as he walked up to that podium and smiled
All my anxiety began to disappear.

He said that Valentine’s Day
Is to show the world your love,
Not only to the people you know in it
But also to those the Lord is telling you of.

He spoke of how god loves us all
And how he shows us in so very many ways,
Then he asked us to greet the person next to us
And thank them for being with us today.

As we sat arm in arm beside one another
Your fingers entwined with mine,
You looked deep into my eyes and made a pledge,
“I’ll give my love to the whole wide world
As long as you promise to be my Valentine.”

I looked up into your deep brown eyes
With an adoring smile and kissed you softly on the face,
“I give you my love willingly in return for yours
Because no one could ever take your place.”

Your face broke out into that dimpled grin
That I had come to love so much,
And as we stood with the crowd to leave the room
I found a Valentine underneath my clutch.

You had written the words ‘I Love You’ in bold letters
With the love poem you wrote me placed just below,
And my cheeks still flush when I relive the memory
Of that joy filled day when my heart first became...
His alone to know.

For the: Valentine's Day is to Show the world your love


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