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When He was on the Cross.
Times I wonder what He was thinking when He created me
For in the Future He could see.
Did He create me to get abused
Or so I would get raped feel dirty and used.
He knew I would have broken bones
And a broken home
So young I would almost die and get shot
Did God create me for that, well I think Not.

He stayed with me as a baby.
He knew what was to be.
He stayed with me as a young child and He knew
The life I will have as I grew.
Did He create me to have anxiety, flashbacks and nightmares
And to think no one cares.
Wonder what His plans was for me
For in the future He could see.

He knew I would live in pain
He knew I would call out to His holy name.
I think His plan was for me to be a Mother, Grandmother ,G.G.mother
I think He created me like no other.
He created me to be a daughter a sister a friend
He knew Someday He would send
Someone to care
Someone for my troubles I could share.

He created me for the bad things I went through, well I think not
For He knew even before I was a small tot.
I would love Him and accept His love
For He sends it through Help, family, friends, counselor all from angels above.
He created me to be just me
He has true love even for me and His love will always be.

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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