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Wisdom tied in ignorance.
Where earth’s rim meets the sky
There is a glistening doorway
That only lonely mages enter,
They see so much, yet meet so little
That in lives of broken constancy
They had wisdom tied in ignorance,
And even though their whispers
Have many tongues, they speak
Only to themselves across humanity’s void,
Although their eyes see endless visions
Still they miss nearby dreams
Drifting past in the shawl of night.

On a beach far distant from the rim
A maiden looked out at the solace of emptiness
Until she noticed a dream washed up on her shore,
She picked it up, dried it off, and placed it in her heart
Until there would come a time when she could use it
And it would come forth from its sacred chrysalis
With all of the sentience of a rising dawn,
And then over a silver path across the sea
An Angel with eyes of liquid shade walked silently
Until it reached the maiden, and held out a hand
And they both drifted on the back of her silver dream
To where the jewel encrusted door beckoned to them,
And as they entered hand in hand
The door closed with the silence of forever
While the silver pathway faded
And the twilight wiped away the tears of dusk…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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