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Believe the night's exquisite silk.
Dream the dreams that once had tip-toed softly through your sleep
Dream of the immeasurable, so silent and so deep,
Believe in the impossible, yet be prepared to doubt
Your whispers are just dreams of night that havenít learned to shout.

Believe between your sentences, the reasons why you speak
And also in those timeless things, like kisses on the cheek,
Believe the nightís exquisite silk that slips across your face
And wraps the dreams you need to keep, in fluttering snow white lace.

Savour the scent of midnight green and breathe the forestís air
So many scents are captivating, and yet none can quite compare,
Soft moonlight on a silent dell still calls in its own way
And even though it is unheard, has still so much to say.

Those things you see behind closed eyes are more than shades of grey
They are more like the echoes coming back from yesterday,
And all you need to do to is catch them softly in your hand
Then as you arise to wakefulness, youíll surely understandÖ

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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