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A single red rosebud will never die.

Opalescent green were the pastures of twilight
Intermingled with indigo mystical memories
That tweaked at the surface of consciousness
While yet still with a yearning for the dawn,
So many searching hushed rustled whispers
Crept in and out of each other, like raindrops
On a window pane, each one lost in itself
And yet still reaching out for completion.

A single red rosebud mummified
In yesterday’s winter called out
In shivering tones to the sun,
Please warm me once again.

So many russet reasons twist and turn
Through shimmering orchards of the air
Like thoughts dancing in silver birch dresses
Content to share themselves with the Spring,
So many unborn dreams reaching up, like
The blossoming smiles of tomorrow’s beauty
Entwined in the quivering silences of eloquence
That drift in promised silver peacefulness.

An unborn smile blossomed
Beneath a newly lit awakening sun
Rising up in a singing serenade
Of choral morning song joy.

So much of life is buried in the ugliness of man
And yet we just need to turn over the leaves
Of tomorrow, exposing the true beauty of life
That is so often forgotten, and each smile
Will kiss us into a softly soulful Nirvana
Where even the tiniest blossoms are beautiful,
Where one day I pray that love will conquer all
And negativity will fade away into the endless night
Wrapped in the eternal negativity that it deserves…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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