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Where the Lilies Bloom
I was taking a stroll in the woods one day
And I stopped by a bench where the lilies bloom,
You were singing a melancholy song of love
As you sat in the glen in front of me—
A place, where you apparently came to every Sunday afternoon.

If there was ever a time I believed in love at first sight
It was now, and of this I am very sure,
Because you sang with a loving and tender heart,
And with a voice that was soulful and pure.

I began coming to the calm serenity of these woods
Every Sunday afternoon—
To wait on the bench where the lilies bloom,
Hoping that you would come along and sing to me
One of your profoundly loving and tender tunes.

On the eighth Sunday in, you began singing
One of my favorite songs, Amazing Grace—
As I sat on the bench where the lilies bloom,
I bowed my head and began to cry
Unaware that you’d stopped singing the age-old tune.

Your lips were on my tear stained cheek
With a gentle hand beneath my chin,
You asked me if I believed in love at first sight
And if I thought I was ready to love again.

As I sat here in this peaceful sanctuary
I blushed and stammered out a “yes”.
You sat down beside me,
Took my hand in yours, kissed it,
And said, “I am feeling very blessed.”

I was still blushing and looking confused,
As you continued on, “My dear sweet lady,
I felt your presence from the very start
On that first day when I was thanking god
For taking away the pain that was in my heart.”

“You see, my wife, she died two years ago
And they’ve been the toughest years of my life,
But somewhere in there I found god
And my voice again—
And I’m hoping that meeting you
Is to finally be, the end of all my strife.

When you finished speaking,
I gave you the lily in my hand,
And I told you, “I don’t know how these things happen,
But I feel that I have loved you from the first day
I heard your golden voice—
And I just knew, that you would understand.”

“I am very glad that you approached me. “ I said,
“Because I have been longing to be near you,
And to get to know the man wherein such tenderness lies
I blush to tell you that I dream of you at night
You are the sun in the bluest of skies.”

“Without a doubt, lovely lady,
You are not having those dreams alone,
Although your enchanting beauty has not escaped me
It is the impression of your loving heart
That I’ve been taking home.”

We chatted away the hours about so many things
Our likes and dislikes,
I told you that I was a singer too,
We shared about the people in our lives
I felt so comfortable talking to you.

You asked me to sing a song with you
‘Danny Boy’ was your request,
I gladly agreed to sing along
It was the one from my childhood
That I loved singing the very best!

As I looked into your sparkling green eyes
And while you were gazing into my baby blues,
We began singing together, ‘Danny Boy’
Realizing, almost at the exact same moment
Why we seemed so familiar to each other
Surprised, that we didn’t see the clues.

We had met before in the Appalachian Mountains
One summer, when we were still in our teens,
We distributed clothes, shoes, food and such,
Teaching hygiene, reading, writing and arithmetic
And songs like ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Danny Boy’
Which they needed and enjoyed so very much.

Over those three month’s, long ago,
We got to know each other pretty well,
In fact, we thought that we were in love.
When summer was over, we promised to keep in touch
But as time flew by and the letters stopped,
So did the precious moments we’d been dreaming of.

I spoke first after things became clear,
“When you sang ‘Amazing Grace’ here, in your peaceful glen
As I sat on this bench where the lilies bloom,
I think I cried, because it made my heart remember you,
And your beautiful rendition of that age-old tune.”

Excitedly you exclaimed,
“And when I heard your beautiful voice blending in with mine
My heart leapt with recognition too,”
“I cried at my losing your new address and phone number
Back then, when I went to college,
But my heart has never forgotten you!”

Tears of joy came to my eyes
As I opened the locket around my neck
A cherished keepsake and token of your love,
“You said you’d be watching over me when I wore it
That you were my guardian angel sent from heaven above.”

Our kisses, they were so sweet and tender
Sitting on the bench where the lilies bloom,
Till the passion of our youth did overcome us
Beckoning our bodies to yield to its caresses,
As we made love by the light of the moon.

For the Just For the Love of It Challenge


© 2019 MARYT.LIVE (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT Challenge-read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT Challenge-read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT Challenge-read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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