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Knowing Love

Knowing love is not showering
With lavish gifts. A big house
With a pool. If there is one
Thing in this world money can
Make you a fool.

You take for granted everyday
They will be there when I get
Back, as long as I keep the
Money coming i'm on the right

Time goes by, day by day with
Out the hello love, the hugs
And kisses we all desire have
Been swept under the rug.

When you realize the hurt in
Their eyes, the damage is
Already done.and you can't
Go back and start again
Because the love is gone,
And neither won.
The story of Love must be
received there of.

Just for the love of it

Author Clara Case ( Deen )

February 13 2019

By deeny107

2019 deeny107 (All rights reserved)

By deeny107

© 2019 deeny107 (All rights reserved)


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