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Riding On Horses
Since the rain had stopped falling two days before
It was no surprise to hear you say,
“Let’s go on a horseback ride in the woods, my love.
We can take our time and have a picnic along the way.”

Now, since this is one of my favorite ways to relax
Out in nature with my equestrian friend,
I jumped at the chance to go along with you
Wishing I could ride till the days very end.

The first trail we chose was through the sugar pines
Surrounding the pristine waters of a lake,
We rode along in tandem till the birds became still
And we wondered if they were doing so just for our sake.

We took their silence as a hint and in continuing the journey
We take a different route along the Snake River Trail,
For we thought it might be a hungry bear they feared
And that made our faces grow pale.

We chatted and laughed some as we rode along
But mostly, we just listened to the singing of the birds,
We finally stopped for lunch in a secluded spot
Where only the sweet sounds of nature could be heard.

We were eating our salads and the fruit we brought
When we were visited by a couple of deer,
They came close enough to check us out
So we shared our lunch as they drew near.

I reached for my phone to capture the moment
Of them just munching away,
We were excited to get the shot before they wandered off
And pleased for the memorable end to such a wonderful day.

For the SFITB Challenge with Cherry

Continuing the journey we take


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Simplicity SFITB Challenge with Cherryk (Cherry) read page for rules and REQUIRED PHRASE (accepting submissions)

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