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As I have traveled across this great land of ours
And in countries both near and abroad,
The subject of just who Jesus is
ranges from just a myth to being the son of God.

But for me that’s never been the question
that I’ve had to deal with in my own heart.
What I had to discover was who he is to me,
and how my journey with Him would start.

As a child I learned that He died for my sins,
and became my Savior that day on the cross.
They said he was the King of Kings,
And His majesty across galaxies did cross.

But throughout the years of knowing my Lord
My heart told me there’s something more.
He is my Savior and I know him as King
So what was my heart longing for?

Years passed by and my faith did not waiver,
I could quote verses and tell bible stories by heart,
Then one day everything changed for me
As I let go of my “religion” and said “God take hold of my Heart.”

I began to see things through Jesus eyes
And talk with Him all throughout the day.
Started to live the words “not my will but yours Lord”
And found myself looking forward to the times I would prey.

What I have realized now is this one thing
And upon these words you can depend.
Though Jesus is the Savior, and the King of Kings is he
He longs to be your Friend!

I now talk with Jesus each day of the week
And look forward to spending time with Him,
For there is one who sticks even closer than a brother
It is Jesus, my Savior, my King and my FRIEND!

By highnoon

© 2019 highnoon (All rights reserved)


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