Thoughts Are Known
As wild winds whip freely shifting sand to make new form.
Reflecting on an ocean, neath the desert dormant and unseen.
The questions that milady asks make my soul seem now reborn.
As lust for life within me stirs with perfect imperfections so serene.

I find I'm looking deeply in enraptured emotions' pool.
I shed sweetly all enigma, elusive barbs I hold not thrown.
This life I've lived so grazingly, been playing as a fool.
I've opened up my mind and soul, true feelings now be known.

Caressing silk thoughts slide hold my body in a place to gaze.
Cloak of velvet enfold wants and needs, to her give as a gift.
With my eyes I draw her into me till my passions are a blaze.
She opens these so tenderly, her voice gives my heart a lift.

The overture was rousing and its tempo has set the tone.
Hear each others heart beat, to each our thoughts are known.

'perfect imperfections'

By panther811

© 2019 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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