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If We All Do A Little
Just one look told you he was homeless
With everything he owned on his back
It didn't amount to much
Just a few things in his pack

An avocado, boiled egg and cooked chicken
Was what his supper was going to be
Food that could help sustain him
From a stomach I'm sure was empty

He handed the cashier his card
but the transaction wouldn't go thru
She tried everything she could think of
But there was nothing she could do

The line of people behind us was growing
He apologized for taking up time
Told the cashier to put back his groceries
Then he stepped out of the line

I couldn't let him go without helping
So I stopped him as he walked away
I didn't believe he deserved to go hungry
For his groceries I wanted to pay

As I left, outside he was standing
Eating the food he was so hungry for
I gave him a hug as tears filled his eyes
Now, I wish I would have done more.

By frog

© 2019 frog (All rights reserved)


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