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I Want
I want to see the light shine through the eyes of men, as it does through the eyes of a child.

I want to watch a falling star zoom across the heavens, and know if I made a wish it may just happen to come true.

I want to swim in the rivers of tranquility and feel the warmth of love showing face throughout the world.

I want to feel the wind kiss my cheek as I make my journey through this world not always understanding and kind.

I want to find God in my life and think only good thoughts of people may they be good or bad.

I want to collect memories of goodness and put them in my heart for safe keeping.

I want to fill my treasure chest full of good deeds and put a smile on faces who forgot how to smile when they should have been smiling all the time with gratitude.

I want to walk among the wildflowers and smell the sweet grasses so fresh and inspiring.

I want to skate just one more time across heaven with clouds fluffy and white.

I want this world to come together realizing that we are all united as one.

I want to feel the warmth of mother sun and see the face of father moon. That both are here for us to survive and understand the meaning of why we must learn to love and respect one another in the eyes of Our Heavenly Father.

I want to sing my songs in peace and shower down all my knowledge to those I love from heart.

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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