stickers and mirrors (trust)
Music embedded
Twila Paris
Do I Trust You Lord?

'Caution this car stops at all yard sales'

... leaves, snow, rain and clouds
scattered all over the neighbourhoods and skies.

I drive in new and old cities and villages
and to the country where i paint
not by numbers but rather by prayer...

Some days, it is all i can do ... to be silent
i wake up too early and silently look for places of refuge
where I can hear a voice and not
a mechanical answering machine...
lately I just hang up when there
isn't the voice of a real live
honest-to-goodness person.

i speak with the ones who know when
my heart is breaking or rejoicing
even when poetry and rhyme will not pour out
in perfect challenge winning form

they hear...

only my heart

in words

and more words

wondering if they will return with comforting thoughts

like the meant to be's of precious family, of friends

I look in my rear view mirror
for Your fingerprints Lord,
for Your footprints...

some days all I can see are my wrinkles, my mistakes

yet, i am searching for Your glory, Your voice...

when i feel like the centre of attention
i want to tell them this... like a bumper sticker i saw once

'Don't follow me I am lost too'

How is it I can be lost and found at the same time?
I wonder what they will say
now that I have confessed...

when they hear me admit this..
that on some days
there is no where to lay my head and my thoughts
without fear and doubt pouring onto me

more doctrine
more theology

Yes I know You are with me LORD and I know You see
tears when they form in eyes ... or an out of place chuckle
from me who is afraid to laugh and be misunderstood

where have i been?
in Your word? in their words? in their silence..

I hear You, Lord..quickly You remind me
that Your anger lasts only for a moment...

'Caution this car stops at all yard sales'

I am scattered all over the neighbourhoods.
I get in my car and drive in new and old cities and villages
and to the country where i paint
not by numbers but rather by prayer...

word painting
hostess myrna

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The WORD PAINTING Challenge with Myrna D (Myrna) .. read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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