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This one fact must be unequivocal
That one crime is unforgivable
And, that is the theft of trust
Between mates.

“For better or for worse”
Is a statement we rehearse
Prior to that spoken wedding vow,
Which also, fidelity, advocates.

There is no valid excuse
For either to employ the use
Of deceit or of lies.
Truth and faithfulness must abound.

A certainly of love was felt,
The first hand of cards was dealt
While within the courtship stage,
And a forever-love was believed found.

None should expect a bump-less road
Happiness is seldom a fifty-fifty load.
But, love grows stronger, two become as one
And, in time, together their strength doubles.

But, tempted into an infidelity,
Know first that yielding will effectively
Too soon destroy all mutual trust
And, multiply your troubles.

Let faithfulness guide your heart
Or, otherwise divorce and depart,
While you still can call one another friend;
If love has become no more than pretend.

By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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