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Free Heart

In the darkness of doubt and survival
there is one man with faith that captures
the heart of all good men.

a man who believes that all is not lost in
a moment of weakening thoughts that
fracture men to change without
any knowledge why.

For the good of all is not for the good
of all! It is for the good of those who
carry evil thoughts to the grave.

This man stands alone among so many who
cannot understand themselves in a minute
of a flash flood rain storm.

We may ask who this man could be, but
why is it so important to know him when
we don't even know who we are!

This man knows his mind and tries to follow
through, people laugh, make fun of him
and run the streets not knowing why.

This world is full of clowns with funny faces
crying on the inside with no reason why they are
doing so.

Live your life and know the ones with
all the answers and care not to listen
to the real truth of freedom.

Freedom rings in the hearts that have no
awareness they are free in the middle of an
ocean on a piece of wood.

Free heart drive your train of thunder
through the woods of forsaken souls
they will jump on for a free ride.

Man of freedom play your drum and find
the ones that are not fake but real,
I wonder if you will have to time travel
in the past to find them!

This man is superior to his own and a great men

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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