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The tomorrow of love grows rather thin
We don't talk to each other it's rather sad,
We just groan at the walls in solitude
Muttering of how it used to be, it makes me mad.

The years have taken there toll
It's funny how people's attitudes change.
We were a loving couple a moment ago
We're not even friends anymore it's strange.

She does what she does, and I do my own thing
It's all so emotional nothing is the same,
The odd spoken word is pathetic
It's always about who is to blame.

That's the funny part we love each other
But the candle only has a flicker of light,
Imust confess I can hear her weeping
In the darkness of our cold bed at night.

It's rather tragic really we've given a lot
But circumstances have changed us I suppose,
You change without realising
Still I didn't expect things to stay like a rose.

To look and stay as fresh as the day we met
We know each other to well,
We do the same mundane things everyday
Excitement is when somebody rings the doorbell.

The postman or somebody with a smile
It makes me feel half human again,
Not that I can ever forgive or forget
Most days it drives me insane.

And so comes back the pain
The pain of living with this tension,
The wondering not knowing why
She won't talk about it not even a mention.

She knows its broken my heart
I stay here because I love her so much,
But I can't stand her silence and lies
Not that I have ever been one for the romantic touch.

I suppose she thought he was the missing link
Even though I have tried to forgive,
Its eating me up so much I can't sleep
I can't be myself but I have to live.

To live in abject misery because of her
Insatiable lusting for sexual gratification,
I feel like murder but I wouldn't bother
Although I have lots of justification.

But what goes round comes around
That day can't come quick enough for me,
Strange how people can be so evil
They think the grass is greener, we'll see.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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