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In The Army
Iíve always been half off the wall
But the army made me worse,
I learned to drink and they taught me to fight
I learned how to kill and to curse

I gambled with cards and rolled out the dice
Drank gallons of Jack Daniels whiskey,
I caroused with the ladies and lived life too fast
I was wild and wooly and frisky

Iíve crawled in the mud of far distant lands
Did my job, so I canít be all bad,
Was not the best soldier but wasnít the worst
That my old Uncle Sam ever had

Iíve got a bad back and some combat fatigue
A bum knee from those parachute jumps,
A dysfunctional vet, who wonít soon forget
I donít cope well with some of lifeís Ďbumpsí

Wherever they sent me I was hated by some
There were those who would feather and tar me,
Donít judge me, my friend, Iím not all to blame
For I learned it all in the army !

By Metaphor

© 2019 Metaphor (All rights reserved)


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