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Looking Back In Time
I miss the twilight glow at sunset
Those winding country roads.
Rambling rose and honeysuckle,
Embracing country abodes.

Fresh warm earth in springtime.
When the plough and earth collide.
New crops Lovingly planted
With expectation and pride.

I miss the family suppers.
The excitement of each day.
Hands clasped around the table
As we bowed our heads to pray.

I miss the petal-strewn path
Down to the fishing hole.
The many stringers of fish
Caught with an old cane pole.

I often journey back in time
To those days of carefree joy
There's a part of me I left behind.
Memories time cannot destroy.

That twilight glow at sunset
Now forever etched in my mind.
Lovingly embroidered in my heart
For now and for all time.

My mind cautions don't look back.
You can't turn back the hands of time.
But my heart races down the lane
To recapture dreams that were mine.

By Mariannajo

© 2019 Mariannajo (All rights reserved)


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