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When viruses take the world over
When seas are filled with ice,
It won't matter whether we're rich
Or poor, we will have to pay the price.

The price in death and annihilation
Disease will suffocate your land,
The lands of humanity and ignorance
Will never again walk hand in hand.

Forget the nuclear bombs my friend
Forget technology's scientific plans,
They won't have any time to make any
For disease will be rife across all lands.

There will be no food left for consumption
This plague will show no remorse,
It will eat away inside brick and concrete
And of your very human souls of course.

It will tap away at your mental resources
It will drive you to do unspeakable things,
Why did they let this happen you will shout?
But it will be too late when the plague sings.

You can run but there will be nowhere to hide
This virus doesn't stop like a bus,
It comes tapping at your windows and doors
It doesn't care about human panic and fuss.

Won't be no good worrying about time
There won't be any of that, you can be sure,
And even if you escape which is doubtful
There still won't be any chance of a cure.

I know this is all kind of pessimistic and fiction
But when you think about it-it could become fact,
So get on with your lives now, straight away my friends
Because foresight is maybe something we've lacked.


By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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