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Meditation About Time.

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Time is running fast, every minute counts.
Live your life fully, do not look back.
Life is not going to go back to the past.
It is call progress, so go with the time.

Do not run, walk steady day by day.
Till your time is fulfilled. Have no regrets,
what was lost it meant to be.

Things we often regret are being chosen for us,
to avoid bigger loss. Take a rest, relax,
read a good book, or watch a movie.
Relax and live your life fully, enjoy every day.

No matter the season, and remember that time is
precious, do not waste. Try to be happy as much as you can.
Cherish your family and friends. Those are treasures of life.

When things change I believe they have to, for that
we are prompt to learn new things. So, go day by day
with your time accordingly... Do not regret anything,
live your life the best you can, and do not forget to breath,
or smile …Someone said, “laughter is the best medicine.”


Written on the last day of February 2019
By Zuzanna Musial

Music Copyright Morten Rustad

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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