Through leaves at night.
Through leaves at night.

Morning devotions...

Inside a lovely morning there upon a tree- lined emerald lane
Pages filling up this night that led to pathways where there came
This hope that will not disappoint the travellers passing through
The simplest joy became to me assurance of what I know is true
Page after page back in time, I hoped I would still remember
The footpath of beginnings found in childhood 'lone Septembers
When all was new and fresh and clean and I'd do my very best
I sought purposeful directions and I know that I was blessed

Through divided branches in a tree, I saw the moon upturned in a crescent
Like it was smiling just for me, a timely sleepless nighttime present
In nature and in poetry, like a still small voice, comforts in His company
Whispering a leafy smile ... t' was another bless-ed miracle of subtlety
Like dandelion wishes blown like a prayer from a little child alone
This ... the deepest kind of love from God that I have ever known
The essence of His purpose for me, is often filling up my very being
A dream and song He gave, O if only I may hear what my eyes are seeing

Early in the morning, I look to God, believe His promise; He will never leave'
I can always come to Him even when I fall down in my heart or on my knees
Bit by bit we work together all the challenges before me, together we sort through
Bit by bit, to lift , comfort if there is found someone who knows not what to do
I tell Him how I hope I'll find waking to His reasons that help us carry on
To feel like somewhere in a silent night God brings a smile where smiles belong
With seeds that scatter through a meadow, or gardens cultivated with great care
Hope lives on in each season ... His voice is still whispering ... I am here...

'But each of us was given grace
according to the measure
of Christ's gift.'

Ephesians 4:7

Two videos are embedded
curtesy of the marvellous, gifted pianist,
Dr. Eric Littleton
'Amazing Grace'

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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