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Darling why don't you love me
Are you going with the guy next door?
You simply have to tell me darling
If I have become such a bore.

Oh! Darling darling darling darling
How can you say such things,
Well if you're darling darling
When I hit him he will sprout wings.

Oh! Darling you're acting like a child
Oh! Darling I have only kissed him once,
That was the other Sunday, you know,
When they invited us round for lunch.

Yes, darling but tongue's were involved
He was like a frog on heat,
I saw him pinch your bottom darling
He bit into your neck like a lump of meat.

It was just a friendly gesture my darling
I saw you grab his meat and two rolls,
I've had enough of your lying darling
I'll have to put a stop to him before
He scores too many goals.

Repost from 2009 enjoy Listener.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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