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To Verify The Genuine.
Going through the struggle of the past two months, Sue, finding you, finding

someone new; someone like you is what I needed to find. You would know if you could see my

side through you, effect you put across to me. The challenge in your force, your force for life,

is shining, sees in walks with know -how. Upon the fulfillment of desire, comes forth the

of encouragement of potential.

Early August brought us together in the mist of change; reached for you and there

you walked, talked to you and felt feelings of belonging. Touched the days in many ways,new

to me, not always clear, just felt life getting stronger. You have helped me begin to learn,

from mistakes I've made; seeing the effect of us puts ego in it's place, seeing the outcome of

our days together, self esteem appears often.

To verify the genuine, feeling the heat of fire, quietness of morning compels the tossing

and turning of days to come. Yet, the sitting still for a minute, won't weaken your touch,

because your touch is mine and my touch is yours. Conversations of past distress no where

to be found, a new theme is present now, an old heart is now new; ninety degree days we

won't forget or the warmth of your presence either.

Thinking about the power, the power of good over evil always, thinking about you and

the power of your eyes and your red hair in the sun's power. The answers keep coming

into our relationship everyday now, some we understand, some we do not conceive.

Meeting you was something blue-ribbon, a once upon story told, about a woman and a

a man in a romance together, trying to verify the genuine.

To Verify The Genuine.

*Written for Sue Peoples.

Sept 1977.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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