Cabin Fever
Depending upon the weather
on these capricious wintry days,
something about it's magnetic
for glued to the hearth I try to stay!
If I should look out the window,
what to my winsome eyes might appear
something ethereal, yet so mystic,
a beautiful fawn and her mother 'dear'!
Locked in too long proves testy!
I get quite giddy after awhile!
You'd think there'd be no room for discovery
Absolute hysteria, I kid you not ...
and this will make you smile!
I saw my mother waxing her lip ...
Being ponderous, I asked her why?
With undeniable fluency, she said to me
'It makes it better to kiss your daddy!'
Whoa! I giggled but I thought I'd die!
Thankful finite are these days of winter
and though stupendous in many a way
in this 'cabin fevered' mind of mine
'I pray next winter's delayed!'

By Adele Kaye

© 2019 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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