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Share With Me In Silence
Share with me in silence
Our voices not be heard
You know we both still want it
So let's not say a word

This joy of pure excitement
I'll share with you tonight
Let's take it slow , for this is good
As husband and as wife

I'll dim the lights down lower
and utter not a sound
I'm glad we're here together
Let's hope we're never found

The evidence can not be seen
To hide it, is a must
We urgently must make the move
Each other we shall trust

But wait from in the distance
There's sounds of running feet
It won't be long ,I fear the worst
They'll ram-sack our retreat

Be brave my lovely maiden
We've come so very far
Before the children find us here
Let's split this candy bar.

By George Langley

© 2019 George Langley (All rights reserved)


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