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I am a little girl,
I think I am six or seven?
My mother told me off today
So I think I will be stubborn.
In fact, even when I grow up
I will be bold.
When I am grown up
I will be a judge,
Just you wait and see,
I'll show all you adults
Not to mess with me.
I mean if I make a decision
That's how it will be.
I don't dither at the sweet counter,
Just because it is free.

When mother takes me to Toyland
I pick a toy I need,
Because I am responsible,
I really am indeed.
I mean let's face it
Mothers are stress,
All they ever think about
Is buying a new dress.
That won't worry me
Because I'll have loads of money
I'll keep it in a jar
And hide it behind the honey.

So you see I have got it all planned
And stubborn I will be,
Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn,
Just you wait and see.
Stubborn in the morning
And stubborn at night
I won't go to bed when I am told
And I will keep on my light.
I am going to be a stubborn child
And I don't care what you adults say,
My name is Alice, Alice, Alice,
So don't forget, now I'm going out to play.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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