Another Day Has Ended
Wee folks pleadingly beg their parents to watch just one more tv show before nighttime brushing of teeth and prayers are said in preparation for bedtime. Teens clamor to text and tweet ignoring the fact that they have only one more day to study for mid term exams.
Mom's make up routine lunches for another school and work day,while picking up dirty clothing left behind from a much to occupied and in a hurry individual. Most dad's snooze away in their recliner while the evening news airs, all the while promising his wife that he'd listen carefully to tomorrow's weather forecast in preparation of the childrens attire.
City streets become less crowded as storefronts post CLOSED signs. A kind of hush falls over the city as nightfall makes its presence known, and one by one stars and a potato chip looking moon appear in the evening sky. All an indication another day has ended.

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( Nightfall)

By JacieStralkoDuca

© 2019 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


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