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Real Friends?
I donít know who my real friends are anymore.
The ones who Iíve been friends with for years are never there for me anymore.
None of them really helped me through my break up.
They never want to hang out when they are able to.
They are always making up excuses and leave me in the dust.
I get depressed because none of my so called friends want to hang out together when we are able to.
Iím always alone.
Friendship isnít how or what it use to be.
My friends always act like Iím the friends that left and not a true friend.
I just wish I could have a best friend that will always be there for me, hang out with me, will drop everything to help, and will not always make excuses for not hanging out together.
I have no friends.
Iím alone and friendless in this damn world.
My ex boyfriend was more of a friend to me then my real friends were.
A lot of times I chose my friends over my own boyfriend and now I regret that.

Do I have the right to even call them friends?
Will I ever meet a grateful and loyal person and become best friends?
It feels as if boyfriends and husbands are better than friends.
The saying that everyone knows and goes by is a lie.
Significant others are the real friends.

By Brokenangel79

© 2019 Brokenangel79 (All rights reserved)


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