Heavenly Valley

''Golly... this sure isn't the best snack I could've chosen!''
I scolded myself for not thinking how cold
it would be peeling oranges in the freezing temperatures.
Without any thing to clean up our hands,
we grabbed handfuls of snow and rubbed off the 'sticky'.

Heavenly Valley looked like a white cloud that day.
An abundance of fresh fallen snow powdered the mountain.
My observation point was by an enormous picture window in the lodge.
There, I warmed my 'snow~washed' hands beside a stone fireplace.
I watched every dotted skier gliding down the mountain...
but my eyes only sought the two blue parka's...

Both boys loved to show off ... I think just for me.
They were the typical''Look Mom, no hands!'' kind of kids!
I swear, they surely enjoyed seeing their mom squirm...
''Don't fall off the mountain! ''
My lips moved but no sound came out.
He'd turned towards me, precariously close to the edge,
spellbound by the grandeur of it all,
''It's at least a mile down you know...''
Yeah... I knew..
It made me dizzy just watching!

They are all grown now and still gratitude floods over me.

Thank You Lord, for the beauty of heavenly places....
and for my heart memories of my sons
... that ate juicy sweet oranges with sticky fingers in the snow'

Psalm 37:4-6

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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