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Sidney the baby duck was on his way to see his grandma, it was his first outing on the big wide river. His parents had agreed to let Sidney go on his own, because grandma duck only

lived half a mile away. As Sidney swam along he was the happiest duck in the world, because he was going to see his grandma. Beatrice a beautiful yellow butterfly fluttered above Sidney's

head and stopped to wish him well on his journey. You're so brave Sidney, she said, 'on the big river on your own' 'Yes he certainly is, 'Said Mr willow on the river bank. 'You be

careful, 'Said Mr Blackbird, perched on one of Mr willows branches, then flying down in search of a tasty worm for his breakfast. 'Sidney where are you going?' Said Mr and Mrs

Swan, as he swam past them with his head proudly stuck in the air. 'I'm going to see my grandma, 'said Sidney, all on my own, I have permission from my mum and dad. Mr and

Mrs Swan smiled and then wished Sidney good luck on his journey. As Sidney swam round the bend in the river he could see his grandma standing on the river bank waiting for him.

Grandma he shouted. 'Hi Sidney, 'said grandma and picked Sidney up out of the water,
then carried him into her house. 'I've baked a special treat for you today' said grandma

duck, 'Now close your eyes and I will put it on the table. 'Sidney closed his eyes and couldn't wait to see what it was. 'Can I open them now?' Sidney said, all excited. 'Yes,

ok, 'said grandma. On the table right in front of him was a great big apple pie freshly baked from the oven. 'All this for me? Said Sidney, you baked it all for me grandma?' he ran over

to her and gave her a great big hug and a kiss. 'You can save me a slice,' said grandma smiling. 'Yummy, yummy,' said Sidney, 'I have never tasted anything as nice as this

before. 'Where would you like to go today,' said grandma duck as she sat in her rocking chair doing some knitting. Sidney had his mouth so full of apple pie he could hardly

speak. ' Don't speak with your mouth full Sidney, 'said grandma its bad manners.' 'I'm sorry said Sidney, 'Its just that I am so excited about going out with you somewhere today

grandma. 'Sidney quacked away to himself, as he ate the last piece of apple pie, saving a slice for his grandma of course. He couldn't wait to go on his first outing with grandma. He

was so excited he forgot to phone his mum and dad. Who were beginning to get a little worried as grandma never had a phone, but once Sidney phoned them everything was

ok. 'How about a trip on a bus?' said grandma,' to the toy store in town. 'That would be really cool,' said Sidney, 'Can we go right away?' As grandma and Sidney walked into the

toy store, Sidney had to rub his eyes, there were so many toys to choose from. Grandma bought him the toy he wanted and then they went to Macdonald's for lunch. 'I'm quite worn

out, 'said grandma, as they arrived back at her house. 'Thank you for a wonderful day out grandma,' said Sidney. Grandma gave him a great big hug and a kiss, because it was time

for Sidney to go home. As Sidney swam up the river, he waved to his grandma and shouted to her that she was the coolest grandma in the world, and she had made him the happiest

duck on the river. 'Bye shouted grandma duck, ' You have made me very happy too' As grandma duck sat in her rocking chair, she soon fell fast asleep, because Sidney her grandson had made her feel so peaceful and happy.

By listener

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