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We Took Missy To The Zoo
We took Missy to the Zoo
When she was just half past two.
I remember she wasn't quite three.
Always busy as a bee.
She had a mind of her own.
We just couldn't let her roam.
Grandpa carried her on his shoulder,
Told her she could walk when she was older.
She was an independent sort of kid.
Proud of everything she did.
She broke away, started to walk.
Side by side with a towering peacock.
When she realized her mistake,
Oh, what a noise she did make.
The whole Zoo came to a standstill
When they heard that awful shrill.
Huge gorillas stopped to stare.
People ran from everywhere.
Elephants ran for shelter.
Birds flew helter-skelter.
People calling, what's the matter?
Missy climbed Grandpa just like a ladder,
From his toes right to his shoulder.
Sure you don't want to walk, Missy?
That's ok, Grandpa, when I'm older.
We laugh about it after all these years.
Until it reduces us to tears.
Remembering the things we went through.
We took Missy to the Zoo.
This was written and posted years ago.
Missy(Melissa) is our granddaughter
She now has 4 children of her own.
Another memory we can laugh about.

By Mariannajo

© 2019 Mariannajo (All rights reserved)


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