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'Equinox Super Moon'

Image Hosted At MyspaceGens
The image shows a rare rainbow called 'moonbow' over Hawaii.
The same rare phenomenon was observed by some people during the recent
Equinox super moon. (Arne Kaiser | The Weather Network)

Because I could not pass for the moon,
it did kindly pass for me.
Pause to pass, as the moon does.

Pay attention to the spacecraft,
the spacecraft is the speediest craft of all.
Now rapid is just the thing,
Makes me wonder if the spacecraft is a rose-pink.
How fast the spacecraft is… what do you think?

I shall pay attention to the written text,
the text is the lengthiest material of all.
Does the huge bulk of text make you wonder,
do you like to learn about the flight of a condor?

Orbit is, in its way, the circle of another circle.
Have you pondered how spacious it is?
The super moon was encircled by a moonbow?
Under a full moon on clear nights, an elusive lunar rainbow.


March 25/2019
Free verse by Zuzanna Musial

Pachelbel - Canon Music by Baby Lullabies

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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