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Amy's Little Poodle.
Amy's Little Poodle
Looking Like a Little Noodle
She is very Cute in her birthday suit
All white with a curly tail

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I share Amy's Poodle
She is as soft as cooked noodles
She is white warm and fuzzy too
In certain poses she looks like you
cute snuggly and very possessive

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Your Poodle is a credit to your beauties
Because Amy you are such a cutie
I would not turn you away on any given day
For you look as lovely as a princess in a play

You are genuine Beautiful and kind
I keep on smiling because you put me
In a good frame of mind
I will care about you from now

until the end of time
until poetry runs out of rhyme
I'll tell you twice girl
You're a nice Girl

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And I want you to be happy
For the rest of you life
We will walk down that path
That leads to the road of happiness

And we shall share it forevermore
Amy you are as sweet as a cookie
and as divine as a written prayer
that God Taught me to write

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I share it with you and we both got blessed
After you read the word you started to tear up
You know we faced God One on One
Being this blessed You put your head on my chest

and felt closer to me than ever before
Because of a written prayer which God
Told me to share with a dear friend Amy
Nothing could stop those tears rolling down

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as those tears turned her frown upside down
For God has blessed Jim's pen once more
And he has touched Amy's tender heart
Now she knows of a love that will never, never Part.

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By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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