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It was a beautiful summer evening as Mr and Mrs Blunden drank champagne under a full moon
in the plush garden's of the Regency hotel. As they chatted the orchestra were playing her favourite tune, a waiter approached their table with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses. These are for you my darling, said her husband, they match your beauty and charm, he also presented her with a diamond necklace. These gifts are because I love you, he said. His wife kissed him gently on the cheek and thanked him for the wonderful gifts but couldn't understand why he was making all this fuss, because it wasn't her Birthday or their wedding Anniversary. As the evening progressed, more and more presents arrived for her. Other guests began to chatter among themselves and couldn't understand what was going on. What is going on said his wife, have you won the lottery? Not quite he said. His wife was getting quite embarrassed as the evening wore on.

Well I will tell you said her husband, puffing on a big fat cigar, all these presents are thanks to dear old uncle Henry. About two days before he died, I went to see him, he was in poor shape but could comprehend what was going on. He kept mumbling to me about some book on the other side of the room in the bookcase on the middle shelf, I couldn't make out what he was saying at first, then I caught the word, Dicken's, Dicken's he kept saying in my ear. Of course, I thought he wanted me to read some of Dicken's to him, because as you know he loved all the Dicken's stories, then when he got his breath back, he kept on repeating, expect, expect, pip pip, then the penny finally dropped, he meant Dicken's Great Expectations. Yes, said his wife what happened next? Well as I opened the book to read to him, I discovered it wasn't a book at all, it was all hollowed out, and inside was a scrap of paper with some numbers written down on it, but they were not in English but some foreign writing.

I turned to uncle Henry and he said its all yours my boy, all yours, if you wait a little while, and just before he fell into a coma he told me all his assets were in a Swiss bank. I began to think this was all a prank of his, you know what a practical joker he was, and besides that I didn't think he had a penny to his name, except for his house of course which I knew was going to his eldest daughter Kathrine. I couldn't believe it at first, as I said before I thought it was one of his practical jokes. I found out later, that for years he had been investing in stocks and shares and had put all his capital into a Swiss bank. Crafty old uncle Henry said his wife. But nothing was straight forward with Henry as we know, and in his will, he has stipulated that I must produce a son and heir, if I failed, then I have to hand all my inheritance over to a charity, which he has named in his will. If I fail to do this, all my money and belongings would be forfeited and given over to the charity as named in his will, therefore leaving us homeless, so although we have been given a gift to spend as we like, we also have to produce a son and heir. Better have an early night then, said his wife smiling, we don't want to lose the crown jewels, do we?

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