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In The Presence Of Life.
Looking out of our windows, stepping out doors, trying to spot signs of spring. One

or two sounds of a bird chriping and flying, will calm fears of a seeming never ending winter. So

many days of winter apparel, gloves, hats, boots making our movements tight and into slow

motion, yet, always in the presence of life.

A hope returns by a strengthening sun, its almost daily rising higher up in the sky; feels

so comfortable on our face. As temperature's rise and all surfaces become snow-less, early

departures or early returns behind the wheel disappear. Our trips take on a more carefree

nature; more walking returns, a sense of ease returns, all in the presence of life.

Months have now gone by with very little outside color and a cabin fever has just

about broke. In this land of national pastimes, sports are starting, ending their seasons.

Events no doubt took place in these winter months, births, deaths, travels, comings and

goings, all in a cycle of activity; in this winter of record snow falls, short days, chilled nights

we gleamed.....

In The Presence Of Life.

Written March 12.1996.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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